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2-19-14, 8 miles.
First days on the trail are always hard. After only a couple miles into my Arizona Trail hike I realized how out of shape I am. A few extra pounds in my pack and a few extra pounds around my waist contributed to a very slow and tiring climb to Miller Peak. I had a conversation with my body that went something like this:
My body said, “This hurts! What would possess you to go through the agony of hiking into the mountains again?”
I replied, “Because it’s fun!”
And my body said, “Why you idiot!”

A couple of hours earlier Richard and Dianna had dropped me off at Montezuma Pass in the Coronado National Memorial where I would start my hike on the AZT. Thanks R&D! I had planned for an easy day up to Millers Peak and down to a camping spot where it would be out of the wind and a little warmer. The trail started out okay, but in a couple of miles as I entered Millers Peak Wilderness, the path turned steep. There were great views but the hiking was strenuous. By the time I reached the side trail to the peak, it was getting late and I didn’t have the heart to climb to the top, so I continued on to Bathtub Springs and made camp there.

I was so exhausted that I layed down in my tent for a rest, assuming I would get back up to make supper when I felt better. The next thing I knew it was dark. I grabbed a couple treats from my food bag, ate them, turned over and went back to sleep. The wind blew all night, and being over 8000′ I kept putting on more clothes to stay warm.

There really is a bathtub at Bathtub Springs. There is a pipe that trickles into the tub, but the flow is too slow to fill a water bottle, so you have to drink right from the tub. I think this is the first time I’ve drank out of a bathtub since I was a little kid.

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  1. Richard says:

    I would lose that argument with myself.

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