With temperatures climbing into the 90s it is time to think about migrating north. Most of the RV crowd out here in the recreation area has left for cooler climate or moved into parks where they can run air conditioners.

Can you see Minnie?

Can you see Minnie?

Unfortunately, paperwork that is scheduled to arrive at Daryl’s in the near future is keeping me in the Phoenix area. I suppose I could move into a paid parking place with hookups but that goes against my self-sufficient policy.

I now finally have a functioning refrigerator. Richard and I agonized for weeks over what could be causing it to refuse its cooling process and finally discovered a blockage in the gas delivery system. Once we got the proper flame to the unit, it started cooling the way it’s supposed to. I have been storing some ice cream bars in the freezer that sure hit the spot when it is 95 degrees in the shade.

I’m planning on moving tomorrow. It’s still up for debate where I will go and I plan to update you with that information once one of the voices in my head wins the argument.

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