Apache Trail



Fish Creek

Fish Creek

Yesterday I rode Honda up the Apache Trail. The road is paved for the first few miles and then becomes dirt just past a tourist settlement called Tortilla Flats. Along with hairpins turns and steep sections, the dirt surface is filled with potholes, ruts, and washboard ripples. It is a road suited more to motorcycles, jeeps and 4 wheel drive vehicles than cars, and Honda handled the drive without problem.

I turned around before I made it all the way to Roosevelt Lake. It was getting late and I mainly wanted to sample the road anyway. Someday I will ride all the way through.

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  1. Donna says:

    Cool! That would be fun on a motorcycle. I plan to blog about our trip when I get time. (Work sure gets in the way of a lot of fun!)

  2. We were there just last week, though we came in to Tortilla Flats using a rental car rather than our motorcycle. Beautiful scenery! Definitely worth the trip, but a bumpy ride…

    We last saw you in Red Lodge, MT. We’re the couple with the purple Yamaha cruiser. Currently managing a Christmas tree lot in Gilbert. 😉

  3. Daryl says:


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