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I’m parked on a lonely stretch of desert, just off Plomosa Road, nine miles north of Quartzsite AZ. There are a few RVs about but nothing like I have seen before. It is still early for the influx of snowbirds that come here for the mega reunion and event know as the big RV tent show. I expect the area where I’m camped to fill up in the next two weeks.

The weather has been cool so today was my first trip into town. On my way I explored Hi Jolly campground and road down 95 to check out the LTVA south of town. Each area was filled with many more rigs scattered about than here on Plomosa rd. It seems like people want to be close to town and those places fill up a lot quicker.

My new batteries are doing a good job. They run my electronics, pump, and furnace with plenty of power and hold up well overnight. It is very overcast today so I will see if my solar can bring them back up to full charge.

My propane will probably be the first supply I will have to replenish. With all the cold nights lately, I let my furnace kick on if it gets down to 50 degrees in Minnie. During the day my catalytic heater does a nice job of keeping me warm but I never use it at night.

That’s about it. If I do anything I’ll let you know.

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  1. Donna says:

    Glad to know where you are. Are you getting rain? We are!

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