Published on June 6, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.

The weather has been gorgeous today. I think it hit 80 this afternoon. The snow up on the mountains is shrinking with all the warm weather and sunshine. The only drawback will be the bugs coming out to feast and the sun shining in the window at 11 pm when I’m trying to sleep.

There was enough sunlight today that I got a complete, one hundred percent charge on my batteries. I’m thinking that I may mount my other two solar panels on the roof of Minnie when I get back south this fall. There are advantages with portable panels, but when I travel I have enough stuff to put away and get out!

I rode into Skagway to get groceries today. I’m sure I bought too much and paid way too much, but I told myself before I went in the store to buy what I wanted and not even look at prices. If I look at prices in a tourist town, I usually end up getting nothing. I have enough food to last another week if I want to stay that long.

When I got back to camp I took a walk over to the Dyea town ruins. I have walked through there a couple times now but not been to every corner. When I turned down a path to a new boardwalk the park service is building, I met a park employee.

I told her that I had a hard time figuring out where the town was because the buildings have rotted away and there are no signs to tell where things were.

“Your really not supposed to be in here while we are working on the paths.” She explained.

I played innocent. “Ah. I just walked over from the campground, I didn’t know.”

“Oh. That’s why you didn’t see the signs. It’s alright we just don’t want anyone to get hurt when there are machines working. If you come back in an hour we will be gone. I put up some signs down there to tell about what you’re looking at.”

She was very nice. We walked back up the path, made a couple remarks about the nice weather, and I asked her why this campground was free and the park service campground on the other side of the inlet was pay? She wasn’t sure but said this campground was run by the city and not the park service. I’m just glad I found it.