I only drove 150 miles today. Mesa Verde NP is getting ready to turn down for the winter -closed campground, closed visitors center, and only one guided tour. It takes several hours to drive the park and see all the ruins. I spent a long time at the museum and climbed down to one of the cliff dwellings. Tomorrow I will take the guided tour and then move on. Tonight I am at a Walmart in Cortiz CO. There are signs saying no overnight parking, but there are several campers and RVs here.

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  1. Mom says:

    I think we used to stay in McDonald’s and I know we stayed in truck service stops, where diesels ran all night while the driver slept. We felt quite safe there. You are getting into cold country. Zion is much lower than Bryce, if you are considering them. I didn’t see your truck; do you sleep in that? Stay safe.

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