Morphy Lake SP Closed

Picnic shelter makes a good garage for Honda!

All day long the Harley Davidson motorcycles have been roaring by the road here at Storrie Lake. I guess there is an annual rally in Las Vegas that attracts many bikers. I’m not sure how many come to the rally but it seems like hundreds have gone by.

This weekend the park has come alive with campers, boaters, and picnickers. The weather has been sunny and warm, attracting many to come play at the lake. The developed sites are all taken but there is a huge field where you can pull in anywhere you want. It’s called primitive camping because it is out in the field without a table or firepit. You can pull down as close to the water as you dare. If I had a kayak I would probably park down by the water.

Park closed!

This morning I rode Honda twenty miles north to look at a state park called Morphy Lake. When I arrived at the park, there was a sign on a closed gate that said the park was closed for dam reconstruction. I wasn’t disappointed to see the park closed. I didn’t plan to camp there anyway, and it was a nice motorcycle ride on smooth, curvy road.

It’s nice having the town only four miles away. I have been to Walmart a few times and today ate lunch at Wendys. There are a couple more state parks north of here but I’m not in a big hurry to move. Except for showers that come through in the afternoon, the weather has been really nice. I’m sure I’m getting spoiled with solar, cell, satellite, and supplies all available. There is a good chance the parks up north will be slim pickings for amenities.

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    1. Dick says:

      We only stayed at Storrie Lake one night, and the wind came up pretty strong. We watched wind surfers during the day, which the lake if well known for.

    2. Don says:

      You’ve got a motorcycle. Maybe you should go into town and show those Harleys what a real bike looks like.!

      Anyways, your bike rides the rough roads much better then theirs.

    3. Dale says:

      Right Don. I saw a lot of those riders on “trikes” instead of two-wheelers. Are those considered motorcycles? I would not want to go cross country on my motorcycle, but not many of those Harleys would go off road with me.

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