I have looked at some of the tools and editing procedures that are available to me as the owner of this blog, and they are quite daunting and confusing.  When I read other blogs, I never gave much thought to what goes on in the background.  My brothers and sister have such interesting sites filled with pictures, categories and links, and it never dawned on me until now how proficient they are at producing very professional blogs.

I can see that it will take some time to get used to the idea of being a publisher.  I also realize that it will be fun to learn how even though it may seem like work at times.  I know there are several people just waiting to give me advice on how to do it:) (I need to make a smiley face here)

Someone once said that inactivity makes for very poor writing and I have to agree that when I hike, go geocaching, or visit someplace new, I have a lot more to say.  Over the last few years I’ve written several journals about the backpacking trips I’ve taken, and even though I write them mostly so that I can remember, they might be something to share here.  I don’t intend to make this a place to reminisce, tell my history, or write some kind of memoir of my life, but I have very few opinions about anything.


Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to write some of my thoughts down for the whole world to see. Thank you Daryl for making it happen.

I promise that I will compose some profound, inspiring and deeply moving literature for everyone to read, but right now it is late at night and I’m very tired. I know what happens when I get in this frame of mind – the next morning I’m truly embarrassed by the things I’ve said. So rather than drift into an emotional realm where I bare my soul for everyone to see, I’ll just hit the post button now.


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