Published on July 2, 2014, by admin in More Stuff.

I recently bought a new phone. I had been eligible for an upgrade for quite some time, but due to travel and the fact thar my Galaxy 2 was still working fine, I put the purchase on the back burner. For my lifestyle Verizon is the carrier of choice and I debated about switching to a prepaid plan that would let me use their towers. The options for phones and data packages were too limited however, so I stayed with AT&T where I am grandfathered into unlimited data.

I rarely use my phone as a phone. I probably make fewer than one call a week, preferring to text or email most of my communication. What I do use it for is: reading, writing, surfing, movies, video, maps, camera, and miscellaneous other apps. I realized that my phone is used more like a tablet than anything else, so armed with that knowledge I bought a Samsung Galaxy Mega.
So far I like the phone a lot. It is a inch wider and almost 2 inches taller, allowing me the advantage of a much larger viewing screen for these tired, old eyes, and still the convience of slipping it into my pocket when I go someplace. I thought that with such a large screen and quick processor the battery would run down fast. But I have to say that the battery last much longer than any of my previous phones.

It usually takes me quite a while to figure out all the things my phone can do, and to be honest, I never find them all. But one feature I particularly like is the ability to split the screen and run two processes at once. There is also a feature that allows you to move controls to one side for easier one – handed operation. I’ll update my opinion after more experience but so far so good.