Rain and Snow

2015-05-16 06.48.40

It rained almost all night long. Most of the time it was just a gentle tapping on Minnie’s roof, but occasionally a loud, fearful drumming would wake me from a sound sleep and put me in a worrisome state. Even though my ceiling is better insulated than my van was, it is still by no means soundproof, and the raindrops seemed to rouse me from deep slumber into semi-consciousness several times throughout the night. It probably doesn’t help my rest on a rainy night because I sleep just two feet from the ceiling where all the sound is amplified. But I think what bothers my sleep the most is the dreams I have of gremlins poking holes in the fiberglass above me and I wake to find water dripping on my bed.

When I rose this morning there were no leaks that I could find but it was definitely cold. I peered outside to see the landscape was white from a blanket of snow. I was glad that I chose to stay at a lower altitude this weekend and find a camp close to Payson. What would it be like two thousand feet higher up on the Mogollon Rim?

Yesterday, I explored a forest road north of town that follows along the base of the Mogollon Rim. It’s all part of the Tonto National Forest and traverses some nice areas of forest, hills and canyons. There were many day use areas for fishing along the Verde River, exploring ancient ruins, or walking to an old waterwheel, but I didn’t stop because it was raining off and on. There were also many dispersed campsites along the 25 miles of dirt road, but I didn’t stop to stay at any of them as I was on more of an exploration trip than looking for a camp. The road eventually came out on Rt. 260 just two miles above my first and present camp. I will definitely go back and see more of this area when the weather gets better.

While doing some shopping in town I bought a new propane tank. I’m planning on using it as a backup to my built in tank and as supplementary heating with my catalytic heater. The furnace in the coach works great but not nearly as efficient as the catalytic heater. It has been nice to have a little heat today.

5 Responses to “Rain and Snow”

  1. Dick says:

    Sounds like a neat place. Any of those spots big enough for my rig?

  2. dale says:

    There were a few you could fit into but the road is very twisty and narrow to get there.

  3. Daryl says:

    Doesn’t look like your solar panels were generating much power with the snow on them.

    Careful about carbon monoxide with the catalytic heater.

  4. Donna says:

    I definitely thought of you yesterday when it we had such a chilly wet morning. Glad you can stay warm and dry inside your Minnnie. The thought of rain on the roof all night long sounds so cozy to me.

  5. Daryl says:

    When you said you dream of gremlins poking holes in the roof and wake to find water dripping on your bed, you mean that you wake up in your dream, right? There really isn’t water dripping your bed anymore is there?

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