Navajo Country



Just outside Petrified Forest NP there were two Navajo gift shops with picnic tables and areas where you can park an RV overnight. It is free to park unless you want electric. I’m sure the idea is that you will go in and spend lots of money in the gift shop while they graciously let you park. Jewelry, rugs, and blankets are not my bag, so they didn’t get any money from me. This morning I drove the road through the park and stopped at a few points of interest along the way. I like to look at petroglyphs left by the ancient ones and one that interested me a lot was of a sliver of light shining through the rocks on a figure that represented the summer solstice. It was early in the morning and close enough to the solstice that the light was almost perfectly aligned with the symbol.

I drove north in the afternoon to Canyon de Chelly NM. When I was here before the campground was free, but as with most things, they charge a hefty $14 a night to stay there now. It has been a long time since I’ve paid for a campsite so I decided to splurge and shell out the cash. And it was a good thing I had cash because they don’t take any other payment. I will tourist the park tomorrow and then head over to the North Rim. There are a couple of places I may stop at on the way.

I could have used Gisele’s help today. I was walking around the campground after I set up and a couple hurried out to the road to talk to me. There was no one at the entrance when they came in and they were confused how to fill out the self-registration papers. The problem was that they only spoke French! We finally communicated enough so that they figured out the procedure. It makes you feel so helpless when words are useless.

A short while ago I saw a brand new 27’ Winnie Minnie drive by and park a few sites away. I walked over to ask if I could take a picture of their rig to send to my sister. They told me sure, but I found out that they were from Holland and just renting it for a few weeks on vacation. We talked for a bit and they even showed me inside the coach. I didn’t like the layout inside and I’m sure Donna wouldn’t either. The bed was all the way across the back pushing the bathroom and kitchen forward so there was no room for a couch or chair. The only place to sit was at the table – very uncomfortable.

The campground is starting to fill up now with everything from tents to Class As. My plan to stay here for a couple of days puts me traveling on the weekend. I’m not to thrilled about that.

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  1. Dick says:

    I’m wondering if you are northward bound for good. If so the maple syrup we bought for you today might not be available next time we see you.

  2. Donna says:

    You are right about not wanting the dinette to be the only sitting space. I’m glad I have at least one chair, but I am giving thought to how I could turn my dinette into a couch and use a portable table or trays. I’m thinking I might take out the table and put something temporary between the back of the benches with cushions to make a little U-shaped couch for now and maybe have some real remodeling done down the road.

    Have fun. There’s a little cooling weather pattern coming across AZ today and tomorrow. Maybe you’ll get some rain.

  3. Daryl says:

    Did you make it to the North Rim yet?

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