I Go North

New to me!

New to me!

All the way from Grand Canyon to Lake Powell there were a gazillion travelers on the road. I thought being a Monday that there wouldn’t be as many tourists out, but it is the time of vacation and families are in full swing for recreation.

I stopped at a few sights along the south rim. I have never been on the road east of the Grand Canyon – that I can remember – so enjoyed the viewpoints and stone tower along the way. Then it was vacation highway Rt.89 all the way into Page, AZ. where I spent the night at Walmart. It would have been better to cut off and head north through the cool climate of the Kaibab plateau as Richard suggested, but I needed supplies and chose the hot route by Lake Powell. The afternoon in Page was brutal but a nice breeze came up after sundown and helped keep me cool through the night.

Tonight I am in the Dixie National Forest, half way between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah. The altitude is high enough that the temperature is about perfect and oddly enough I have a pretty good cell signal. I will probably stay here for a few days and see what I can see before heading up to Idaho. I may stay in the mountains as I make my way north.

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    Stay high. Just don’t drive while you are, unless you are high on beautiful scenery.

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