Published on May 27, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Roadside turnout.

Roadside turnout.

Tonight we are in Grande Prairie, Alberta at yet another Walmart. I was going to stay at a campground or RV park to fill and dump, but I found a rest area with a free dump so there is no need to pay to park tonight. This Walmart has a small parking lot with limited room to stay out of the way, but it will do for one night.

When I left Edmonton I drove within a couple miles of the largest mall in the universe. From what I hear it is a veritable Disneyland of stores and attractions. If I had a female traveling with me or some teenagers, I would probably have to check it out. I didn’t think I needed anything and man-made attractions are not why I’m doing this trip so I went on by.

The terrain on the drive up here was nice. After I drove a few miles past Edmonton, it changed to trees and rolling hills. There was less traffic and the whole way was on divided highway. Canada seems to be very clean. The highway sides don’t have a lot of trash and it looks like they keep the grass trimmed. They have a lot of what they call “roadside turnouts” which are nothing more than a pullout along the road with several trash bins. Maybe that is why the roads are so clean.

I got gas again here in Grande Prairie. I was getting pretty low by the time I got here and $100 have me 3/4 of a tank. This trip is going to be expensive! Tomorrow I should be in Dawson Creek and the start of the Alaskan Highway. I have a map that is almost three feet square, portraying Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. Of the two feet from the border of Canada to the middle of Alaska, I have done 4″. It is a long drive to see some pretty mountains.