Published on June 11, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.

This picture has nothing to do with Alaska. My Daughter Karen and Grandson Noah on Graduation Day!

Wish I could have been there!

Wish I could have been there!

My plan is to head back into Canada tomorrow. I need to do laundry and fill my propane before heading north again. I will probably spend the night at Whitehorse Walmart after taking care of a few chores, and then get an early start Tuesday. I’m thinking I would like to head towards Dawson City before going straight up the Alaskan Highway. Following the Yukon River is the route the gold seekers traveled, and I can follow it along and see the history along the way.

The temperature here in Skagway has taken a down turn. From a balmy 85 degrees with high humidity two days ago, a strong wind moved in and dropped the temps into the 50s today. There are some nice walks near my camp and I get out and stroll around each day. The park service has been making walking paths through the remains of the Dyea ghost town and each day I go down to see what new signs they have put up.

This campground really filled up over the weekend. There were only two sites left when I looked around Saturday morning. One by one they all pulled out today, and besides me only one other RV is still here. It is funny to watch the Blackbirds swarming the vacated camps, looking for scraps and crumbs left by the campers.

I hope my next stop will be at a warmer time. I like to get out and explore on Honda but not when it’s 50 degrees.