Published on June 16, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Room for one more panel.

Room for one more panel.

I got a little ambitious this morning and started the process of mounting my other two solar panels on Minnie’s roof. I worked a few hours removing the old legs from the panels, cutting mounting bracket from a piece of stock angle iron, and attaching the brackets to the panels.

The place on the roof where the new panels had to be attached was occupied by my tanker trailer, so I had to remove that first. Then I hoisted the new panels up on the roof with a rope and set them in place. The sky was starting to look like rain so I put off gluing and bolting them down until tomorrow. Then it will be just a matter of running wires to tie all the panels into my charge controller.

I have lots of battery capacity traveling here in the north. The main two things that keep me charged is all the daylight hours of solar power and the fact I’m not watching TV very much.