Published on June 27, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Actually getting a few TV stations here.

Actually getting a few TV stations here.

I unloaded Honda this morning and took a ride around town. I wanted to see where Pioneer Park is so I would know where to go next. I don’t like to stay in a Walmart parking lot more than a couple days; it just feels wrong. I guess there is no problem with parking here, there are even RV spaces drawn out and labeled on the blacktop.

The weather has been just about perfect. I hope that doesn’t mean it will rain the whole time I go to see Denali. I have to wait here until Monday to get some brake pads put on Minnie and I’m waiting for my registration to come in the mail.

It has been easy to learn how to get around in Fairbanks. This afternoon I rode to the Regal Cinema and went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was OK but it seems like they are getting more violent. Tomorrow I may check out the Arctic Circle Tour.