Published on July 4, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Dead battery

Dead battery

I parked at Walmart yesterday afternoon with intentions of staying 48 hours. My mail should be here tomorrow and then I can move down towards Denali National Park. This morning I was relaxing in my pajamas when I got a knock on the door. Two guys were going around and telling everyone that the stay limit in the parking lot was now 24 hours and it was being enforced. I told them I came in last night and would move out today.

I noticed that on the light pole were signs stating the 24 hours parking limit. I talked with another man by his RV that said they put them up early this morning. It’s okay with me, and I have often said that Walmarts, rest areas, and parking pullouts along the highway are good for overnight when you are traveling but not good for staying more than one or two nights. Some of the rigs had been there for several days and I guess they got tired of it. I was just surprised because the last time I was here my neighbor said that people had asked about overnight parking and they didn’t care how long you stayed.

I know there were a lot of Class A motorhomes with slides and pulling toads that took up several parking spaces, but there always seemed to be plenty of parking for cars. Usually when an ordinance goes into affect it is the RV parks in town that object to free parking when they can collect $50 a night. I asked in the store if there was any problem with people in RVs or if it was just a new rule. She said it has always been a rule but they just got the signs. It may hurt their business a little but a lot of people will still stock up for the privilege of one night.

I drove a couple miles out of town and parked at a pullout. I was thinking of going to Pioneer Park for the night but when I went to start Minnie the battery was dead. I usually get out the door and enter the coach from the back door but this time I climbed straight back from the front seat. If I had exited the cab door I would have heard the warning ding that told me I had left my lights on.

It is a good thing I have a jumper from my house battery to the engine battery. With the jumper on for a few minutes, Minnie started back up. I think my engine battery may be getting weak; it is quite old. Things have not gone my way today so I think I will stay right here tonight. I hope I’m not evicted before morning.