Doctor Appointments

This is where our 100th cache was hidden.

This is where our 100th cache was hidden.

I'm not good at taking selfies!

I’m not good at taking selfies!

I’m back in Tempe parked in front of brother Daryl’s house. I have a couple doctor appointments coming up and Daryl was gracious enough to let me park and plug in to his electric. There are several days this week where the temperature will be 90 degrees, and it would be unbearable without air conditioning. Depending on doctor appointments, I hope to move up into the mountains in a few days.

I had a wonderful time with Richard and Dianna down in Yuma. We camped at the Imperial Dam LTVA for most of the month of March. We took many trips out on back roads and along canals to hunt for geocaches, finding over 100 caches in total during the month. There were only a couple hides that we could not find. Most were easy and close to the road, usually hidden under a few rock and very obvious.

Some nice sunsets.

Some nice sunsets.

Other excursions included a visit to Imperial Wildlife Refuge where we drove deep into the wilderness along the Colorado River and hiked a path into some pretty, painted rocks, a trip to Picacho State Park that I already blogged about, visiting the museum at the YPG army base, and two trips to the golf course to hit our balls around.

The one thing we missed was riding motorcycles together. Richards scooter was being repaired in Phoenix so we rode together in their car wherever we went. It actually worked out well because most of the roads we traveled to attractions and geocaches were not made for motorcycles or scooters.

Almost every night we would eat together and enjoy great conversation. Dianna made some delicious meals, and I can’t thank her and Richard enough for letting me join them each night. I had a great time and look forward to another fun winter with them next year.

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  1. Dick says:

    Good thing you are a better blogger than photographer! We had fun too. Looking forward to more good times.

  2. Donna says:

    I haven’t geocached in a long time. Sounds like some fun to get back to.

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