Jodie Was Here!


While I camped at Datil Wells campground in New Mexico, I rode Honda a short side trip over to the VLA. The VLA, which stands for Very Large Array, is a group of 28, giant, parabolic dishes, built in a remote section of windy, New Mexico desert, and used to capture radio waves from distant reaches of the universe. With these radio telescopes they have photographed galaxies, black holes, and thousands of cosmic objects millions of light-years away.

I have been here before but it’s an interesting stop. The visitors center costs $5 for a senior, allowing you to browse the rooms of displays, watch a movie, and take a walking tour out to one of the dishes. All this science and astronomy is all quite boring, of course, but what is exciting and interesting is that Jodie Foster filmed a movie here! She even narrated the movie you watch in the visitors center.

There have actually been several films that have used the VLA as a backdrop for visuals in parts of their story. It pricks the imagination to wonder what alien and unknown things might be out there and movies are good at exploiting our curiosity and making us think about it.

It has been quite warm here. Even though this campground is at 7800′, the temperature has been in the high 80’s. I’m pretty close to Elephant Butte State Park so I may drive there to take a look. It will not be a place to camp, however, because the park is located at 4000′ elevation with temps approaching 100° this time of year. I’m definitely going to have to find someplace high up in the mountains.

3 Responses to “Jodie Was Here!”

  1. Dick says:

    Yep, interesting place. You definitely need to head UP!

  2. Dale says:

    I was a little reluctant naming this post. Remembering someone usually implies they have passed on. The last I knew Jodie is alive and well and still darn good-looking!

  3. Donna says:

    When I first saw the title of your post, I wondered who Jodie was and when she died, Yup, Jodie Foster is alive and well. I just saw her on Jimmy Kimmel promoting her new movie.

    You could always pay for an electric site at Elephant Butte, but why when you can get natural air conditioning by following the road up.

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