Winters End

Squaw Lake

It has been a relaxing and fun time spent with Richard and Dianna at the LTVA near Yuma, but as the temperature builds and other commitments draw near, it is time to move once again. I’m headed back to Tempe to get my motorhome emissions tested and Richard and Dianna are headed up to Blue Ridge for there summer volunteering at the ranger station. I may go back over to New Mexico for a few weeks. I have time left on my state park pass and would like to take advantage of the perks it will provide.

We always seem to get a few projects processed while parked in the desert. I modified my electrical system, improved my water storage and supply connections, developed a washing machine of sorts, installed a braking system on my tow car, and thanks to Daryl, wired in a new backup camera. We also had to do emergency repair on Richard and Dianna’s awning when one day the wind tore it in two pieces. It was a task to remove the material from the mechanism and even more problematic to replace it. Luckily, he found a place in Yuma that could sew the material back together and fix it stronger than when it was new.

Washing machine

The winter weather here in southern Arizona has been colder and more windy than usual. There is a nice lake near the LTVA and it only warmed enough in the last couple weeks that I could put my kayak to use. The lake is one of many formed by dams on the Colorado River and I paddled out to the river several times. I think it would be fun to do an overnight kayak trip down the Colorado River.

Brake Buddy

Before I wrap up I wanted to tell the story of my braking system for Micro. Micro only weighs about 1800 pounds and is legal to tow without a brake system. Brake systems for tow cars typically cost over $1000 so I elected to go without for the time being. One day we were stopped at the dumpster to toss our trash and beside the dumpster was a box with a used Brake Buddy in it. People sometimes will set things beside a dumpster that are still good but they don’t want anymore. I decided to take it back to my rig and see if it still worked.

The next day I plugged it in and nothing happened. I removed the cover and discovered a loose wire, reattached the wire, closed it back up, and it worked perfectly normal. We downloaded the manual so we could get the settings right for my car and tested it several times with positive results. This little bit of serendipity saved me a thousand dollars!

5 Responses to “Winters End”

  1. Donna says:

    That’s awesome about the brake system! What luck!
    Have fun in NM. I’d join you, but I’m thinking of heading out toward the northern California and Oregon coast soon.

  2. RICHARD says:

    It was a good time. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  3. Barb Dewell says:

    What luck! I love it when good things just happen! Plus you knew how to fix it. They probably couldn’t make it work, so set it out hoping someone like you would come by. I’ve done that more than once.

    If you have time when you’re in NM, and in my area, shoot me a message. We can meet up for lunch! 🙂

  4. Dale says:

    That sounds good Barb. I’m hoping to spend some time at Elephant Butte and I’ll let you know. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Daryl Lafferty says:

    I saw your Brake Buddy when you were here, but didn’t hear the story of how you got it. Serendipity indeed!

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