Ask your doctor if “XYZ” is right for you!

1: Cosmetics-6
2: Electronics-0
3: Insurance-20. Fifteen minutes could save you 15%…
4: Vehicles-2 Built Ford tough
5: Detergent-10
6: Travel-6
7: Internet-21 Can you hear me now?
8: Apparel-12
9: Pharmaceutical-58 The winner by far!!
10: Credit Card-5 What’s in your wallet?
11: Food-30
12: Investment-16 We do better when you do better
13: Appliances-5
14: Charity-2
15: Alcohol-2
16: Attorneys-21 Call the husband and wife…
17: Home Repair-6
18: Pets-7
19: Real estate-6

One Response to “Ask your doctor if “XYZ” is right for you!”

  1. Donna says:

    Not really surprised by any of these results. Once I understood you included cell phone plans in Internet, that high number made sense. A fun little exercise, even if it was based on your personal viewing habits. As the pharmaceutical ads say, “Your results may vary.”

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