When I was at Dave & Lisa’s this weekend, I bought a new phone.

Karen calls me a traitor!

I couldn’t be loyal anymore after taking a look at Dave’s new phone and the Android operating system. If Apple would have upgraded to 4g, I probably would have remained with the iPhone, but the speed and power of this phone is amazing.

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket, just a short generation above Daryl’s Thunderbolt. It has a 1.5 g dualcore processor, support for the newest 4g speed, and a gazillion more electrons flying around in a frantic frenzy.

I don’t know enough about it to judge every feature but I think it should work for me. The screen is a lot larger than the iPhone and its incredibly thin. I thought maybe it wouldn’t fit my pocket but I don’t notice any difference.

Dave and I were concerned about loosing our unlimited data plan, but I think AT&T is trying to keep customers happy and still supporting those of us grandfathered in.

One thing that I lost was the ability to toggle my laptop. I could still do it but would have to switch to a different data plan or install a third party program not legal with our provider. David and Lisa use very little data because they are connected to WiFi most of the time. I, however, used 85 gegibites last year- they charge $10/g for anything over 3/Mo.

Ill let you know how I like it in a month.

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  1. Donna says:

    I seriously considered the Galaxy S II when I got my last phone upgrade. The deciding factor for me was all the iOS apps I had already invested in, plus AT&T’s 3G speeds are as fast as Verizon’s 4G.
    I bet you’ll be very happy with yours. I envy the larger screen. That was one thing I really wanted. Maybe my next one…

  2. Don says:

    I’ve bought a new phone for Betty, Jenny and Patrick and I got all 3 of them Android phones.

    I like the Android OS a lot but I have noticed that they just aren’t quite as “slick” as the iPhone. The touch screen is a little off and doesn’t respond quite as precisely as my iPhone.

    I also bought an Android tablet and I’m quite happy with it but I sometimes wonder if I would have been as happy or even happier with an iPad.

    At any rate I’m sure you’ll love the one you got. Samsung really does a good job on phones and my tablet is also a Samsung. (Galaxy Tab 10.1)

  3. Don says:

    Oh yeah, as Donna mentioned the 4S is quite speedy. My best download speed has been a little over 6 MB/S which is pretty darn good.

  4. Dick says:

    You probably read that we now have Droid Bionics. We like them but don’t have experience with any other smart phone. I also got an unlimited data plan with Verizon, along with mobile hotspot. When we have 4G it is much faster than our satellite.

  5. Daryl says:

    Devon recently switched from his iPhone 3 to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which I think is pretty similar to your Skyrocket.

    He misses a few apps, but is mostly happy with the change. He likes the larger screen and the more open OS. He hesitated to switch before because most of the Android phones didn’t seem to respond as “smoothly” to touch, but he feels that this new one is just as responsive as the iPhone.

    I think you’ll be happy with this, thought the loss of tethering is pretty significant.

  6. Dale says:

    I’m still here until the end of the month. I may get a room at the YMCA – pretty cheap and free exercise equipment. I was going to stay at a inexpensive motel in Orchard Park but last time I checked they were conveintly out of the cheap rooms. 

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