Full House



The campground is full again tonight. I walked the road earlier and talked with a couple that persuaded the camp host to open a site that has been too muddy until this weekend. Several vehicles have driven through looking for a campsite. It surprised me that so many people would be out camping after the big holiday last weekend, but with temperatures in Phoenix crawling into triple digits, I don’t blame people for driving up here. It has been perfect weather with highs in the low 70’s.

Yesterday I hiked a trail that loops back into the woods and joins part of the General Crook Trail for a couple miles. It was a nice hike through tall pines and isolated meadows. The camp host told me that several people have spotted a large black bear back in that area, and she cautioned me to be aware and make noise. I have done a lot of hiking in bear country so I didn’t think much of it until tonight. As I was sitting outside Minnie, a couple walked by and told me they just saw a large black bear on the same trail just behind the campground. I doubt if he will come into the camp tonight looking for food – it seems everyone has a couple big dogs.

It’s nice that I can hear some kids playing nearby. I remember the fun I had when I was young and we would go camping, exploring the woods and playing out our imagination. Every kid should have the chance to live with nature for a few days.

I made a couple of improvements to Minnie while I was parked at Daryl’s last week. The tailpipe had been crushed by the previous owner and I was hoping my engine light was the result of the blocked exhaust. Daryl helped me cut and replace the damaged section and we reset the code hoping it would stay off. Sadly, it came back on. But the engine seems to have a little more power so the fix was not completely in vain.

I also installed a “T” in my propane line that allows me to use a propane tank for extended capacity. I hooked it up today to test it out. I thought maybe I would get air in the lines when I switched over but I never noticed a sputter.

2015-05-29 15.23.13

The last day I stayed at Daryls I walked down a side street and noticed a child bicycle trailer that someone was throwing away. I wish I would have taken a picture to show you what it looked like, but I think you have all seen those enclosed tent-like trailers people pull there small children around in. I am always thinking of ways that I can carry more stuff for short distance with my motorcycle, so I pulled it home and dismantled everything except the bottom frame. It is made so that the tongue folds flat and the wheels come off, turning the whole trailer into a compact unit. I can carry it on my roof easily.

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  1. Dick says:

    Yep. It was over 100 here today.

    If it’s like Coconino the rangers will set out a trap for any bear near a campground so they can relocate him to a remote area.

    The trailer sounds really cool. Can’t wait to see it. Can you post a photo or did you leave it at Daryl’s?

  2. Gmalafferty says:

    Watch out for the warning on your panel. There may be something with a leak into your “vitals”. Don’t want you sleeping too hard.

  3. Donna says:

    Your story brought back some memories of our camping trips when we were kids. It’s fun and healthy to see things through the eyes of a child from time to time. (The curmudgeonly blogger we follow could take a lesson from this. 😉 )

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