Ride to Bryce Canyon



This was my best pair of pants! I don’t even remember my leg touching the muffler on my motorcycle but I guess I need to be more careful.

Today I went to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, the longest single trip I’ve put on the Honda so far. The park was only 40 miles to the north but side trips in the park and exploring a couple of forest roads racked up 115 miles on the odometer.

It was not a comfortable day to ride. There was a strong, gusty wind that bounced me from time to time and the traffic was heavy, as usual, once I got close to the park. Every parking area in the park was full but I had no trouble squeezing my bike in someplace. I didn’t take any hikes down to the hoodoo s because I’m still feeling a little weak.

Coyote turned these people to stone because they were bad.

Coyote turned these people to stone because they were bad.

I noticed the new thing all the tourists are doing is taking pictures with selfie sticks. I have seen the formations of Bryce Canyon several times and they are awesome, but I have to say I got the biggest kick out of watching whole families carrying their camera phones out in front of them on three foot aluminum poles.

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  1. Don says:

    Selfie sticks are going to be the downfall of America!!!

    Seriously though it sounds like you’re feeling better and that’s good. I also enjoy being able to park pretty much anywhere.

    What do you think of the Honda now that you’ve had it for a while?

  2. Dick says:

    Good thing you weren’t wearing shorts!

    Remember the all day hike you and I took through Bryce when we were in our early teens? No selfie sticks back then, and a lot fewer people too.

  3. Daryl says:

    I did a 2 or 3 night backpacking trip below the rim in Bryce Canyon about 40 years ago. That’s where I woke up in the night from a skunk walking on my feet (I wasn’t using a tent), which I kicked several feet in the air before I realized what it was. He forgave me.

    Gisele bought a selfie stick recently, though we haven’t used it yet. If there is anyone helpful-looking around, that would be my first choice.

  4. Mom says:

    Wasn’t it Bryce where two of you boys were supposed to be stuck overnight in some crevasse in shorts, etc? I think Don was one of you. You survived, whoever and however. I learn 40 years later, some of your activities.

  5. Dale says:

    It muat have been Don and Daryl Mom.

  6. Donna says:

    Selfie sticks. When did our society become so obsessed with taking our own picture?

  7. Daryl says:

    Mom, I think you are remembering when Don and I were hiking in Mount Ranier National Park in Washington. After we started out, you heard from a ranger that the trail was supposed to be closed because it was covered with snow in places. It was, too. One of us (Don, I think) slipped and slid down a snow covered slope a ways, but fortunately neither of us died. I remember that you were just leaving the trail head to have a search started when we came strolling out.

  8. Don says:

    When I was sliding down that snow covered slope I died a little.

    Yes that was actually a fun hike once one of us figured out the piles of rocks were trail markers.

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