You In Ta

Water nearby… open sky… high elevation… good cell signal….. this will be a good place to live (for a few days). I’m about 30 miles southeast of Heber City, UT, near the Strawberry Reservoir, in the Uinta National Forest. I’m not sure how to pronounce Uinta but I have a feeling it is an Indian name.

I have a beef with some of the national forests here in northern Utah – they don’t seem to enforce the 14 day limit. Last night I drove up a Canyon road in the Fish lake National Forest and all the good campsites were taken. No one was at the campsite, just a camp trailer parked to hold the spot. By the looks of it, the camp trailers had been there for quite some time. It’s not fair.

Where will I go.

Where will I go.

Fortunately, my idea of a good spot and their idea of a good spot are different. They like to be back under the trees and I don’t. I need some sky to make my stuff
work. They usually want a big firepit and I don’t care. So it is usually easy for me to find a camp.

There was a nice Walmart in Heber City. I was going to stay there tonight because I had cell signal and wanted to stay in touch with family as they went through medical procedures, but Strawberry Reservoir looked interesting. I reasoned I could check it out and come back if there was nothing there.

Tomorrow I will ride around the lake and see if I can learn anything. Maybe I will ask someone how to pronounce Uinta.

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  1. Donna says:

    Wow, you have moved a long way north since your ride to Bryce. Sounds like a great place to spend some warm August days, out of the heat.

    I think You-inta might be like asking if someone is up for some adventure.

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