Published on April 24, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Pretty but crowded!

Pretty but crowded!

I left Ash Fork early and headed west on Interstate 40. Already the wind was blowing strong from the south, broadsiding Minnie with gusts after gust, causing me to hang furiously to the wheel with white knuckles. I don’t like wind. If I could wait it out, I would gladly stay put, but the forecast was for high winds all week, so I gritted my teeth and vowed not to go very far today.

I checked out a spot near Chloride, AZ, and another by Boulder City, NV, but they were both too hard to get into. I thought I would be staying overnight at a Walmart in Vegas and then I remembered RV Sue telling about a campground near Alamo, NV. I looked it up and Google told me it was only 1.5 hours away, so I headed north on Highway 93 to Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it!

The campground is free and the sites are scattered along a picturesque lake. Those two things make it very popular. So popular in fact that I thought every site was filled when I drove in. At the very end of the road I saw two motorhomes parked in what I thought were two spots. On closer inspection, I noticed there were three signs designating sites, so I asked a lady if it was indeed an open spot between? Yes!

I was going to look around at Hoover Dam for a bit but the crowds were wild. I was subjected to a search of my RV, then had to drive across the dam and a mile up the hill to find RV parking. It is something to see if you are turned-on by concrete in large volumes, but I had had enough of the dam traffic by then and turned around and left. The whole place has become so commercial and expensive. Parking is $10 and gift shops are all over the place. I fled with my wallet intact.

I probably will move on tomorrow. It is a pretty campgrounds, but I’m too close to another RV and trees block my solar and dtv. I know of a site near Great Basin NP where I stayed last year so i will move there tomorrow.