Published on April 28, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Still cold up top!

Still cold up top!

The last time I visited Great Basin NP, I found a nice, free camping spot about 5 miles from the park. The wind for the past few days has been blowing too strong to make travel pleasant, so I decided to hold up at my previous discovery until the weather returned to more normal. The road I’m camped on is called Strawberry Creek and I have good and bad things to say about camping here.

I’m only a couple miles from Route 50, but it is far enough in behind some hills that I have no cell signal. There is a nice little creek beside my site, but a fire last fall has left the trees and meadows blackened to charcoal. I’m at high enough altitude that the temperature hardly gets out of the 50s during the day and nights are well below freezing. Last night I listened to rain and wind for several hours. This morning dawned clear and bright, but still windy.

Above me is Mount Wheeler. Last year I road Honda all the way to the top at over 10,000 feet. There is a campground near the top but I doubt if anyone is up there now. Looking up at all the mountains around me confirms they are all buried under deep snow. I won’t be making any side trips on Honda this time. In fact, I’m not even going to unload him.

I’m hoping that in a few more days I can continue to drift north. I have no objections to staying at one place for a few days but I would like warmer temperatures and cell signal. I’m still not sure whether I will go up through Nevada or scoot over into Utah and travel Interstate 15 north. By the time I post this maybe I will have made up my mind.