Published on May 22, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
Butte, Montana parking spot.

Butte, Montana parking spot.

Another cold morning in Butte, Montana. I packed up early and headed up interstate 15 for 170 miles. A quick stop at Butte Walmart for a couple grocery items, a gas fill up in Helena, and a break at a rest area, were the only diversions to the drive. There is a neat canyon just before the rest area that follows the Missouri River for a while. There were signs at the rest area that told about the Lewis and Clark expedition camping near there in 1806.

Prairie Dogs all over this park. Hope they don't get in my engine!

Prairie Dogs all over this park. Hope they don’t get in my engine!

I am at a town park in the little town of Cascade, Montana. I am the only one here but maybe someone else will come in later. I arrived by 2:00 so it is still early. This is a nice little park with a dump station, playground, and picnic tables. One sites on the internet said there was electric but that has been taken out and the bathrooms closed. I don’t need anything but the dump. I will take a good long hot shower tonight.

The weather has turned lovely. The elevation is only 3400 feet here, so lots warmer. It was so nice that I walked down town and asked at a bank if they had any Canadian money I could exchange before I went across the border. All they had was $40. They said I may have to exchange at the border because even banks in Great Falls might not have any. My bank charges 3℅ transaction fee in Canada but maybe it will be worth it to use the convenience of my credit card. Don’t you hate it when you get behind someone at the pump that has to go inside to pay cash before they move? They always have to buy a .79 cent drink as long as they’re in there.