Published on June 5, 2017, by admin in Alaska Trip.
New place to do nothin'

New place to do nothin’

In the morning I moved about 5 miles to another campground. I’m just across the inlet from my last camp, but I like this campground a lot better. For one thing it has cell service. I’m only getting three bars of 3G, but it seems like lightning compared to what I got across the river. There is still construction in the camp and down the road from here in the historic Dyea townsite.

There is no charge to stay here. The only thing I can think is that the campground is so new, and still being constructed, that they haven’t yet started collecting money to stay here. I will probably stay here a few days and recoup some money by averaging out what I paid in the last camp.

Still make pancakes!

Still make pancakes!

I haven’t figured out how to get water yet. I still have a few days supply and I should be OK with my tanks. The one thing I need to resupply is food. My fridge is getting pretty empty. I’ll probably ride into town tomorrow and pick up a few basics. I don’t want to spend a lot on food because I will be back in Whitehorse in a few days.