Arches National Park

This morning I drove back into Mesa Verde NP to finish sightseeing and take the ranger led guided tour of the largest cliff dwelling. Most of the Mesa was socked in with fog, but by the time I reached the ticket center, it had cleared nicely. I bought a ticket for the 12:00 o’clock tour and realized I had an hour and a half to kill before it started. I was driving from lookout to lookout, killing time, and then it dawned on me-I’m in a different State and different time zone. I just made it back before they decended the stairs. 

Tonight I’m at a BLM campground just outside of Arches NP. The campground in the National Park is full. I hope to get in there tomorrow. It has rained all afternoon and continues tonight. The first sun is not predicted until Sunday.


I spent the day hiking the trails in Arches NP, and I also got into the campground for a couple of nights. It will take all day tomorrow to see everything. There are still huge crowds in the NP on the weekends even this late in the year. Today was sunny and warm for a change and that must have been the reason so many people are here. 

I have taken a lot of pics but I have no easy way to put
 them up. Maybe I could email them to Daryl and he could insert a couple or put them in a gallery for me.  

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  1. Mom says:

    I don’t remember ever spending much time there, so you have us beat! Too bad you are getting so much rain; it’s gone from here now, and the weather has cooled off to normal. Enjoy, and take care.

  2. Donna says:

    Those time changes get me, too. I can never keep up, especially with DST and standard time. Surprisingly, Robin in Boise is actually west of me, but half the year they are an hour ahead of us. They are Mountain time (same as us but observe daylight savings time). I always think they should be on Pacific time.

    Hope you can get picture posting figured out. Would love to see them.

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