9/16/12 – 2064 miles
It was another good day of hiking. The temperature last night went down to 40 degrees and there is definitely a feeling of fall in the air. It was almost noon before we took our outermost layer of clothing off. The trail was relatively flat today except for a 1300 ft. climb over Moxie Bald Mountain. They name a lot of things bald in this state, which I take exception to.

N had a debate with Gip-C-Girl about the view on top of the mountain. N thinks we saw Katahdin from the top and Gip-C-Girl says no way. I am remaining neutral. The air is so clear from the cold front we could see an amazingly long way.

The trail followed the Piscataquis River for several miles today. It was so pretty along the water that we remarked how nice it would be to day-hike this section and stop at the scenic places along the river. There were two fords, the east and west branch, but the water was never higher than our knees.

Tonight we are camped in a pine forest six miles from Monson, ME. Tomorrow we will hit town early for breakfast and then check into a room for the night. We originally planned to zero in Monson but we should be able to get everything done by evening. The next section is the 100 mile wilderness which will take more planning and endurance to complete.