9/24/12 – 2138 miles
For two days now I have been resting at a place called White House Landing, located on the Pemadumcook Lake, 45 miles south of my final Appalachian Trail destination. For reason I can’t explain… well, maybe 2100 miles, my foot suddenly developed pain behind the toes, which became more and more sore as I continued my hike. Somewhere after descending White Cap Mt., I informed the Troverts and Kleenex that I was in trouble. I knew it would take a lot of pain to stop me – I had a lot of it then.

There is still plenty of time to finish my thruhike, Baxter State Park doesn’t close until Oct 15. The bittersweet ending will be that I will miss summiting with my friends. They want me to shuttle north and climb Katahdin with them, but I want more than anything for my journey to end on the Mountain and not some back road.

So my plan is to go on alone and finish this thing. I intend to go slow and easy on my foot, hoping it will get me there. I probably won’t have cell service from here to the end and I want to save what battery I have left, so you may not get any updates for a while. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!