Pfizer vaccine

A rut?

The earth travels at 66,000 mph through space and a distance of 584 million miles during a trip around the sun. During that time whizzing through space, I have spent most of the year standing still. My home has been the forests of Flagstaff, and the LTVAs of Quartzsite and Yuma.   

With the Coronavirus pandemic entering its second year there is hope that the end is in sight. Vaccines are going into arms and by the middle of summer we may get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. I received my first shot of Pfizer vaccine two weeks ago and will get my second booster this coming weekend. I drive 120 miles to Phoenix for each shot and then return to the LTVA and wait some more. 

I have been staying near Quartzsite for the drive into Phoenix because it is a shorter for little Micro to peddle to town.  Yuma is probably my favorite winter home because it is a big city and has everything for supplies. It seems the winter has been extremely cold here in the southwest and Yuma is a little warmer also. Even though it’s only 5 degrees warmer than Quartzsite, it makes a difference. 

I made a couple modifications to Minnie while here in the deserts of Arizona.  I bought a new and bigger inverter- 2000 watts – and with it and my lithium battery I can run anything in my rig, except the AC of course.  I purchased a toaster oven that seems to be easier than lighting the propane oven. I have experimented with several dishes that were a success. With the extra draw on my battery I also purchased another solar panel that I just set out on the ground for now. I’m not having any trouble restoring my battery to full charge each day. 

I know it’s a good thing that I have WhatsApp and text to keep up with family; It helps to keep me from getting lonely. I used to piggyback on Richards Directv but it got too expensive and we both agreed we could get along without it. I now just have OTA tv on my antenna and that works well for me. I get several streaming services when I can get enough bandwidth. Some I have purchased and some I share with other family members. I have a Play Station and have found a couple farming video games that I fill some time with also. 

That about wraps up this year. I’m quite okay with being alone and not being able to see friends and family. Some people can’t stand the life we have been handed, and I guess rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, spouse abuse, overeating, and suicide are up. You may be relieved to hear that other than a few extra pounds I won’t do any of those other things. 

6 Responses to “Pfizer vaccine”

  1. Richard Lafferty says:

    It’s been a tough year for everyone. Looking forward to better times.

  2. Kim says:

    Dale, Good to know you are doing well and on your way to being fully vaccinated. Here’s to better days for all us frustrated nomads! Take care.

  3. Donna says:

    Great recap of the Covid year. I’ll actually be able to see you when you come to town this time! Yay! It’s been a long time. I’m hoping to take my Minnie out this year, and maybe we can camp together again somewhere.

  4. Daryl says:

    Are you still using the little DVR to record OTA shows? Working OK for you?

  5. Barb Dewell says:

    Hey, Dale! I was thinking about you the other night and wondering how you were doing. I had my two vaccine shots in January – pretty soon everyone who wants to be immunized will be, and our worlds will open up again. Honestly, I’m such a homebody it hasn’t affected me that much, but I’m just starting to socialize a bit, and it does feel good to see people in person, sit down and chat, drink coffee, etc.

    If you’re ever in the Elephant Butte State Park/Truth or Consequences area and have time for a visit, let me know! 🙂 It would be fun to get together…

  6. Dale says:

    Nice to hear from you Barb and Kim. I hope I can get back over to New Mexico soon. I love the state parks and they are a great deal for us nomads. I keep you posted if I travel that way.

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